Sketchbook Project 2012

What if you could submit your artwork to an organization to be exhibited and it would not be turned down?  What if you were told it would be displayed and it would travel and it would be SEEN and there would be no judge or jury–only people who would appreciate it and admire it?  What if you knew your art work would become a permanent part of an exhibit where generations to come could potentially see your talent?  If you knew all of that, wouldn’t you submit your work?  Wouldn’t you just put it out there?  Well, guess, what?  You CAN do all of the above and there is still a little time left to get your Sketchbook.  The Sketchbook Project is sponsored by The Art-House Co-op.  Check out their website and sign up so you can share your art with the world!

I’ve started mine–here are a few pictures of the process . . .

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