The Documented Life Project

Welcome to 2014!  Welcome to a new year, a new project, a new way to document the momentous and the mundane.  This is the year.  Grab it. Write it. Illustrate it. Photograph it.  LIVE IT!

Week One Challenge:  My Door

This door is the entrance to my sacred sanctuary.  Not only in the literal sense, but as a metaphor for the entryway to my soul.  No one enters without making a permanent impression.  Most are invited in, few are asked to stay and reside. It is a barrier that protects what I hold most dear; my faith and my family. It is a portal for my dreams. It is a welcome sign for my truest of trues.  Love resides here.

As much as I want to stay inside and hide behind this door, I realize that if I never step out, I will never fully be who I am meant to be.

“She knocked and waited, because when the door was opened from within it had the potential to lead someplace quite different.” ~ Laini Taylor

To create this page, I first did a little brainstorming and mind-mapping, jotting down ideas and anything that comes to mind to jump start the creative process.  I put this sheet aside as I knew I would incorporate it into this project.

For the door, I used spray inks and paint for my background.  I sketched my door then used a blade to cut my openings.  I wrote my quote on a piece of scrap paper and glued it to the back of my door so it would show through the opening in the door.  I then hinged this page to my planner using washi tape.  On the back of the hinged page, I place my mind-mapped idea sheet for this page, adding my palette colors and doodles.

On my journaling page, I listed things most important behind my door and a little pocket flap from a hotel room key where I will keep my resolutions for 2014.

Now I have documented the opening of my year and invited you all to come in and spend some time!

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  1. Anne Rehorn

    Very nice – thanks for sharing.
    I like the page with your brain-storming. I should write my ideas down aswell…
    Have a GOOD new year.

  2. Anne Rehorn

    Very nice – thanks for sharing.
    I like the page with your brain-storming. I should write my ideas down aswell…
    Have a GOOD new year.

  3. Harriet Feria

    I love that you explained how you did this, really cool idea and so much fun and info that you were able to put into that page. thank you for sharing your heart and opening yourself to this venture, and letting us ‘in’.

  4. Avatar

    I love that you took the time to explain the proceeds of your pages…..thanks..some ous need a little push to get going.

  5. Avatar

    Love this! My door is not that great but I love how you interpreted this! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Avatar

    Love this! I love that you’ve used so much of your beautiful handwriting in sharing your heart.

  7. Avatar

    Love what you have done with your door and the brainstorming.

  8. Avatar

    Love your page!! Thank you for inviting me in! I am enjoying getting to know all of you as much as the project! Thank you so much!!

  9. teri f

    Thanks so much for explaining the how-to’s of your lovely page. I have the planner but couldn’t figure out how or where to incorporate the artwork we’re going to do. I get it now. Doors is a great opening prompt for so many reasons.

  10. gail hadley

    I absolutely adore the open door with the quote inside!!! Had I seen this before I made my door I would have used it for sure, and may use it in the future!!! I love writing and art and finished my first short story recently so I am very very excited to start this new project!!!

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