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The Documented Life Project: Week 4

Oooooh I just love this week’s challenge . . . “write a secret message then cover up all but one key word.”

The possibilities!!!!

Instead of a secret message, I chose to copy a little inspirational canvas I have hanging above my desk in my studio.  I added my own thoughts to the message than began to print it out using prismacolor pencils on watercolor paper, highlighting key words and making some words bold for interest.

I selected a few Golden Fluid Acrylics and watered them down and brushed them over my writing, allowing them to flow into each other.  I left the word “CREATE” open so it would be highlighted.

I sped up the drying process with a heat gun and noticed I had a few muddied colors (violets and yellows – I love them together, however you can easily get “YUCK” if you’re not careful!  Not to worry, I just colored in some lime greens and magenta colored pencils for contrast.  Once it was dry, I began doodling in black and white to really make my word stand out.  Although my writing is covered up, the fluid acrylics are transparent so much of the writing still shows through.  I highlighted a few more words that stood out on the page.  And there you have it . . . Hope you enjoyed the challenge – I can’t wait to see what you all create!!!  Happy Documenting!

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Roben-Marie Smith
Rae Missigman
Sandi Keene   
And our Life Photographer: Barbara Moore

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    Awesome…love the picture of the paint. This is such a wonderful project. Thank you so much for all your ladies are doing for our blogland community.

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    I love the colors and the doodeling! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiration and the whole DLP-thing! I love it!
    Have a great, inspirational and creative sunday – Irma

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    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I cannot tell you enough how much this project (and all of you) mean to me! Happy Documenting!

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    You inspired me last week and this week is no different!
    I love it!!

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