Little Blue Birdie Giveaway!

Isn’t this little guy cute?  I made this 8″x10″ canvas using the bird I sketched for the Art to the 5th Premier Ensemble Digital Art Kit.  He’s flying around Serendipity Studios with a happy little message and will be going home with one lucky Documented Life Project Member!  Just leave a comment in the comments section below to enter for your chance to win.  Giveaway ends on Friday, March 14th at 10:00pm EST.  I will announce the winner later that evening through a Facebook announcement on The Documented Life Project group as well as Private Message!

Good luck and happy documenting!

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  1. Avatar

    This is so generous of your Lorraine! I would love to have a Bluebird of Happiness from you!! Thanks and thanks to the whole team for hosting this wonderful event. I truly feel like I am growing as an artist and person!
    Kristal Leaver

  2. Cindy lynch

    What a cool bird with a great message. Would love to see him flying around my space!

  3. Avatar

    I’ve collected pictures of bluebirds for some time, old 50’s era greeting cards with them, as well as the china and little figurine’s when I find a good one. Thanks – you’re a continued inspiration of fun.

  4. Kathy K

    I love bluebirds, and this one is particularly charming! Great job Lorraine!

  5. Avatar

    How generous of you! So loving DLP and all of your and Art 5 artists’ work! Thank you.

  6. Avatar

    Some where over the rainbow blue birds fly !!! and so it does !!! Lovely !!! Hope i am the lucky !!!!!!!

  7. Rae Missigman

    I am not entering the contest Lorraine – but just wanted to stop by and say how wonderful everything looks over here. I am so every day when I peek at your blog and see all the inspiration. I am proud and happy to call you my friend! xo Rae

  8. Avatar

    you are a very talented artist, and I would be honored to have this beautiful blue bird hanging on my wall. Thank you for the chance!!

  9. Avatar

    your little bird is adorable – would look wonderful in my art room. thanks for the chance to win it!

  10. Avatar

    This is gorgeous! What a honor it would be to hang in on my wall. Thank you for the chance of winning such a pretty piece of art.

  11. Marilyn Holland

    Good Morning Lorraine, you are so generous. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely piece. It is beautiful. Marilyn Holland

  12. April Lopez

    I love this. It reminds me of the embroideries I did when I was young. Brings back happy memories.

  13. Avatar

    I love the bluebird I was drooling over it when I watched your video. Oh I need to ask, where did you learn to cut out things? I love watching you go with those scissors, so steady, so sure.

    P.S. two more sleeps and I get to meet you WOOHOO!!!!

  14. Nancy Johnson

    Oh happy Blue Bird do I have a home for you, out hanging from a fence so you can have easy access to your seeds, insects from the flower gardens and lots of talkative birds around to keep you company, so fly my way, the high way and perch here to make your home.

  15. Cindy

    Beautiful! Thank-you again for putting this group together. Cindy Becker

  16. linda trapp

    Loving the DLP! It’s the one project that has kept me consistently creating. Love my planner so much it sleeps on my bedside table! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  17. Avatar

    This little birdie would love to come home with me…lol! Beautiful work. I feel so blessed to be learning from you and the other ladies of Art to the 5th. Love, love, love being a part of the DLP group.

  18. Avatar

    Thanks for this opportunity to win this treasure! I’m learning a lot from DLP and loving it! Thanks for that too!

  19. Avatar

    Gorgeous birdie! I’d love a chance to win, thank you for the constant inspiration! x

  20. Avatar

    Gorgeous birdie! I’d love a chance to win, thank you for the constant inspiration! x

  21. Avatar

    I adore this bird…and your work. And this canvas would be just gorgeous hanging on the wall in my house. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity, and for all you do for us in DLP.

  22. Sherri

    What an awesome idea … and a cool treat to have your work on the inspiration wall of my studio! 🙂 Thanks to all of the amazing "Art to the 5th" gals for making the DLP journey so far so much fun! 🙂

  23. Avatar

    What a sweet way to end the week! Thank you for sharing and thanks for all the inspiration!

  24. Avatar

    I like the use of color and mixed media you used to make this. I am new to painting and mixed media and I just love it. My favorite part of mixed media is it has now "FIXED" rules.

  25. Avatar

    How sweet! I love all the creations I have seen with this little guy! Thanks Lorraine! Fingers crossed!

  26. Bonnie Luhman

    It would be an honor to have an original piece of art from you.
    Before I found this Documented life site I had not heard of you and did not follow you but I was really missing something! So glad to have found you and your friends and the idea of making your planner so unique. I love the looks I get when I pull it out in public.

  27. Avatar

    I am so so excited that you’re giving your lovely bird away.
    One lucky DLPer will be so happy.
    Thanks for the chance!

  28. Avatar

    He’s adorable!! Would be honored to win your canvas! Thanks for the chance!!

  29. Avatar

    Lovely giveaway! I appreciate the chance to win. Looking forward to finding out who the lucky winner is tomorrow.

  30. Avatar

    Love the little blue bird. Last year I put up a nesting box for bluebirds in my yard to attract the little ones. They haven’t moved in yet, but I’m still hoping. I’ve seen them in the meadow nearby. Maybe this one will make it to my home. 😉

  31. Avatar

    Love the little blue bird. Last year I put up a nesting box for bluebirds in my yard to attract the little ones. They haven’t moved in yet, but I’m still hoping. I’ve seen them in the meadow nearby. Maybe this one will make it to my home. 😉

  32. Melody Elzy

    It’s too cute!!! I would hang her in my dining room to cheer things up.

  33. mindy

    yes INDEED that wee birdie is loverly cuteness. winter’s chill is getting to me, i could use some "happy" ….blessings for your offering & Blessings to the one who’s the weiner =}.

    1. Avatar

      did >NOT< mean to post 2 times, pop up said i wasn’t signed in …SORRY BOUT THAT !!!

  34. mindy

    yes INDEED that wee birdie is loverly cuteness. winter’s chill is getting to me, i could use some "happy" ….blessings for your offering & Blessings to the one who’s the weiner =}.

  35. Christine Newman-Aumiller

    The bluebird of happiness would find a wonderful home in my heart and perhaps would shoo away the winter blues!
    Christine AKA psytoad at aol dot com

  36. Phyllis

    What a sweet little Blue Bird of Happiness! He reminds me that there is always happiness in gratitudes. I have so much to be grateful for. I am winning my war with the big C and my art journals are the tool that keeps me focused on my gratitudes. Art is the window to the soul. Phyllis

  37. Glenda Hoagland

    I love the sketch of this bird, the colors are so beautiful and the song Happy by Pharrell Williams is my theme song for the year, so I would love to win this painting.

  38. Avatar

    How pretty is this little bird! She would look beautiful above my desk in my office!

  39. Avatar

    he is just adoreable and I’m sure he would love to fly over to Scotland

    Suzy xx (susan cadenhead on fb)

  40. Avatar

    Aaahh Yay! I finally got on the page 🙂 I love this little bird, I neeeed it for my baby’s room 🙂

  41. Avatar

    This is really beautiful. I love birds and I love the Happy. Of course it would be great hanging in my Studio:)

  42. Charlene Wood

    I just joined not too long ago…this was my first challenge week. Your page was inspiring. This canvas would go well in my office where we need happy thoughts!

  43. Avatar

    This cute little guy makes me want to sing<3..…love it!

  44. Avatar

    That is one seriously cute bird.. Thank you for the chance to win something so pretty.. 🙂

  45. Avatar

    Just lovely. Thanks for the chance to bring him home.

  46. JKW

    I love birds more than anything. I walk every day and feed the ducks at the canal (cracked corn – their own feed). This is a beautiful blue bird you’ve drawn. Blessings, Janet

  47. Avatar

    It always helps to have a visual reminder that its okay to be happy. And this pretty bird is going to do a great job for one of us DLP members. Thanks for thinking of us and giving us a chance to give her a home. Have a great weekend!

  48. Avatar

    Love this group, love this bird…LOVING the inspiration and wonderful cameraderie amongst so many crafters! Thankyou for the chance to win this beautiful little bluebird of happiness 🙂

  49. Avatar

    I really enjoy seeing everyone’s work! It’ small so different and beautiful! Thanks for making this my new obsession!

  50. Avatar

    Having a blast with the DLP group, learning a lot and being inspired to get off my a** and get crafting… no mean feat at the moment lol… love this little birdie, very spring-like!

  51. marion

    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful little bluebird 😉

  52. Angela Good

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this!! This is my first time in attempting to find that inner creative part of me….. I am loving being a part of this group and seeing all the beautiful work!

  53. Avatar

    I think Little Blue Birdie would be very happy watching over me here in my Sanctuary :o)
    Thank you for this opportunity Lorraine, and thanks to all Art to the 5th for the time you put into the DLP. My life is full of colour now! xx

  54. Darla

    What an adorable bird!! I hope I win the bag. I am very lucky!! Thank you, Darla 😉

  55. Avatar

    Sweetest little birdie…not because I want to win, but because it is! <3
    Claudia Bevill

  56. jane kimball

    Your birdie is wonderful. I love birds and your bluebird of happiness is just the best. Thanks for a chance to own it.

  57. Tami

    love this weeks "put a bird on it" u ladies are awesome motivation! coming out of winter this little birdie would make me happy looking at it!

  58. Ann Powell

    Would love to see this bluebird of happiness flying in my studio! Thanks for a chance to win!

  59. Avatar

    Lo, I hope your "Little Blue Birdie" brings me some happness and comes to my house from your awesome giveaway. My friends also call me Lo.
    love DLP, Loretta

  60. Paula Decker Haynes

    Oh your bird is so adorable too. I will be happy for whoever wins this happy little bird.

  61. Avatar

    I’d love for your little bluebird to come flying by my house!

  62. Avatar

    I just love birds! Thank you so much for a chance to win your little cutie!!

  63. Avatar

    I would love your sweet bird to come live with all my little birdie art works! Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Avatar

    This little bluebird of happiness is so sweet and just what I need for my sewing room wall. That is the place I am happiest and content with the world! I love your artwork, Lorraine, and thanks for a chance to win a piece of it.

  65. donna joy

    Love it! such a happy, spring-y piece of art! count me in too 🙂

  66. Avatar

    So glad I decided to read my emails today! I have loved that little bird since I first laid eyes on it…count me in!

  67. Judy B

    Would love to win this canvas! A reminder that happiness is always waiting for us!

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