A Lovely Day . . .

I had the extreme pleasure on Saturday of teaching two mixed media workshops at “She Scrapbooks” at The Villages near Lady Lake Florida.  It was such a fun day and the owner, Steph was an incredible hostess.  I was overwhelmed with the hospitality and warmth I received from the lovely group of women that attended.  It was heartwarming to see all of The Documented Life Project members and their amazing planners.  It never ceases to amaze me how this project has brought so many people together.

The art we created that day was stellar and there were lots of happy faces and laughter.  Its been 10 years since I taught art classes and it was great to be back.  I forgot how wonderful it was to connect with people!  I want to share some fun photos from the day – the journals everyone painted are as beautiful as the women who created them!

What a blessing it was to spend the day with so many talented women! Thank you so much to Stephanie and She Scrapbooks for a wonderful day!  I’m looking forward to returning again soon!

Stay tuned for another blog post about connecting with Documented Life Project Members!

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    What an honor to be in your first class of coming back to the teaching world! Your classes rocked as I knew they would however the highlight for sure was meeting you in person. I knew from our online conversations that you had to be one of the sweetest and most loving people that I would be fortunate to get to know, and I was right! Thank you for being you! Looking forward to many more adventures together my friend😉
    ~ Namaste’

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    It was a fantastic class so full of color and fun. You have a patient and loving way of teaching which suits learning perfectly.
    Thank-you for inspiring. I would drive the four hours again to be in your class. Blessings.

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    Lorraine you class was wonderful! I would gladly fly for another one as I learned so much. Of course the highlight was meeting you in person and getting to know you.


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    The classes were so much fun, and I loved learning tips from a pro in person! It was such a relaxing fun day. I hope there will be more classes soon!

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