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Week 20 – Use a Rubber Stamp in a New Way

I don’t know if this qualifies as a hobby or an obsession, but I have a lot of rubber stamps . . . like, A LOT!  Here is my collection of wood mounted stamps (my wonderful husband built those shelves for me) and if you look far in the background, you can see a shoe hanger on the back of the door that is full of cling stamps (idea from Sandi Keene).  I have my Stampers Anonymous Cling stamps hanging and I’m embarrassed to say that underneath that table are baskets full of MORE stamps!  Yikes!  I do use them . . . really I do!

I love to use stamps in my art work (obviously) and I especially like it when I can use a stamp for multiple things.  This challenge makes us look at our stamp collections in a new and different way.  I started with a background page (Claudine Hellmuth paint in Landscape Green) and use a stencil to add bits of white gesso.  Next I stamped my images onto deli paper using waterproof black india ink.

Using my new awesome Montana Acrylic Paint Pens, I dabbed on bits of paint then blended with a brush.  The paints are opaque, so I used water to thin them a bit.

I cut out the stamped images – no need to cut precisely as the deli paper will ‘disappear’ into the background.  I adhered everything with a matte gel medium, then put some finishing touches on with my paint markers.  And here is my little underwater creature . . .

Hope you all have fun with this challenge!  Looking forward to seeing your interpretations!  Don’t forget to check out the other artists’ blogs for more inspiration:

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  1. Cody Doll

    That is so cool how you stamped on deli paper. I wouldn’t have thought about that.
    PS I need to visit you house. I hardly have 1/50 of what you have. Maybe one day.

  2. Avatar

    Wow, you could open a stamp store:)
    Was the face a stamp?
    I love it and would love to know where to buy it.
    Love the Art of 5!

  3. Patricia LaCroix

    Wow! That is SOME stamp collection! ;)) I use those over-the-door shoe things too – for my pencils, markers, extra brushes, etc… I put everything in glass jars and then slide them into a shoe slot. Great space-saver! Thanks for the cool deli paper stamping idea!

  4. Barbra Joan

    HI, really like your work.. I’m a watercolorist , but love playing with paper, journals etc. I do that for fun!. LOL
    Never heard of Montana paints, and thought I"d seen them all.
    Found them through your link… ‘good stuff”’
    Barbra Joan

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