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Welcome to Week 35 of The Documented Life Project! 

This week’s challenge is to Draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face or cut and alter one from a book or magazine.

I fully intended to draw a serious, realistic portrait this week but I looked around my art table and saw this piece of watercolor paper I had been experimenting with.  Realistic . . . out the window!  This looks like candy or confections to me.  I toned it down a bit with a little white gesso and a dry brush but the luscious neon colors are still popping through.  A quick little sketch . . .

Then I added some yummy watercolor pencils, white gouache and acrylic paint, alternating to build up layers and definition.

I decided her hair looked like frosting on a cupcake, so I turned her dress into a cupcake paper!  She’s popping up to say hello!

Hope you have fun with this challenge – don’t be intimidated – faces are easy and fun!  Don’t judge your work and don’t compare yourselves to others!  Just create for YOU!

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  1. Rae Missigman

    ummm. she is adorable! camille and gabi will want her for their business card ! xo

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Great idea! I will draw them one if they want (or better yet, I will TEACH them to draw one!)

  2. Terri Kahrs

    She’s whimsical and wonderful! Her hair is ‘yummy’ and she’s delicious!!! ♥

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