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Charcoal and Pastels

Messing around in the studio today.  The sketch wasn’t hard.  Learning Final Cut Pro for editing video was a little more challenging!  Hope you enjoy!

I used these products:

Charcoal Supplies

Shami cloth



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  1. Mary W

    What fun! I’ve never used pastels before even though I have them. I got them since I planned to do it one day but don’t see many videos on artists using them so was very intimidated. Your woman seemed to come to life and grow softer with color. Since we are supposed to do a face this week, I’m digging out my charcoal and pastels. They are scary since what goes down, is down. Kinda like ink it doesn’t leave much room for "overs". Your color combo was beautiful!

  2. M Werner

    Well I tried – had a very sweet girl drawn in charcoal then started with oil pastels. Hardest art I’ve ever done. You make it look easy but the wax pastels just lay layer after layer of wax down and it is DIFFICULT! I wasn’t very happy with the results but sure am keeping it in my planner since things have got to get better and it is for documenting stuff. There are no sharp points on the oil pastels to see where you are laying down marks! My pretty girl has dark "outlines" for her chin that looks like she needs to shave. This was certainly a challenge for me.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      I am so happy that you gave it a shot! Don’t be discouraged! For every one "good" sketch, I bet I have 20 that I laugh at! I love that you are trying Mary!

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