Black & White

Week 36:  Black & White

 photo credit:  Michael Bell

photo credit:  Michael Bell

My husband is slowly easing into retirement and he wanted a hobby so he picked up a camera and started messing around just for fun – but when he started showing me his photographs, I was amazed at how he looks at the world.  He’s good.  Really good.

He shot this photo of me when I was sitting in a very boring admissions lecture at MIT with my nephew.  (No offense to anyone – I was just way out of my league so I zoned out!)  Instead of paying attention, I was doing what I normally do and pulled out my sketchbook to pass the time. Busted!  I had no idea he took the shot, but when he showed me this picture, he said, “this is how I see you.  Your hands have so much to say.”  He told me he focused on my hands – the instruments I use to take care of everyone, the instruments I use to create, and to pray and to love and to hold on to what is dear to me. . . . deep sigh.

This is my husband:  (photo taken by my son, Christian).

So this week, simple and sweet, I used his photo as my inspiration!  He shot it with a monochromatic camera so it really is in black and white. 

I matted the photo with a tiny bit of black and used my stabilo aquarellable pencil and a water brush to draw random lines on the background.  I doodled some borders using black and white pens, then adhered some sticker letters on the page.  I treasure this picture – it’s a gift to be able to see yourself through someone else’s eyes.

I hope you enjoy the challenge, and as always, I cannot wait to see how you all interpret and create!

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  1. Mary W

    Your husband seems to be smiling even while just talking on the phone. I bet he is a lot of fun to be with and his photo is really amazing. BUT even more than that were the sentiments behind it. You sure have a great partner in life. How great that the picture and the sentiments behind it can be captured in your DLP which is what I love about this project.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Oh Mary, I look so forward to hearing from you on my blog! You inspire me all the time! I was just telling Sandi the other day about your fly-swatter stencil! You are right, I have a great partner! Hugs to you, Mary!

  2. Jennifer Cottrell

    LOVE – in so many ways – the page, your husbands love, your love – TRULY inspiring!!!

  3. Avatar

    Very touching; thank you for sharing the photo and the story behind it with us.

  4. Robin Chapa

    This is just so moving– so sweet! Thanks for sharing….. I think it’s neat that you’re doing ART in the photo, the photo is ART, and you nestled it in some ART to keep it in your ART journal/planner. Art is truly everywhere! So inspiring. I never thought I’d do art until I found DLP in Jan. Such a gift– thank you!

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Oh this made me laugh Robin! You are so right, and I am touched that you have found your artist self through DLP! It’s people like you that make it all worth while! Hugs!

  5. Avatar

    This post touched my heart. Lovely sentiments, and beautiful art.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thank you Vicki – you are always so sweet and kind! It has been a pleasure "getting to know you" this year!

  6. Rae Missigman

    As precious as can be. And we know the value of that as wives and mothers. Something to cherish always. Xo sweet friend.

  7. Avatar

    Such a precious post – loved it!! How fun to see your hubby’s new hobby turning into something so beautiful.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thank you Monique – yes, it is a special memory for me! Thanks for reading!

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