Week 43:  Sketch what you see right now

There is a jar full of paintbrushes on pretty much every surface of my studio so that was the first thing I rested my eyes on for this challenge.  Instead of sketching on watercolor paper, I decided to use a piece of old book paper – I love the yellowing and some old book paper is a perfect substrate for watercolor.

I was excited to find this page with the butterflies and the word “Illustrations.”  Couldn’t be more perfect . . . I love those serendipitous moments!

I lightly sketched my jar and paintbrushes with a pencil.  Ordinarily I will sketch in pen, but I wanted to make sure I had proportions correct since I didn’t want to mess up this text page!  Once I was satisfied, I put all the detail in with a black Pitt pen (XS tip).  I loosely filled in the brushes and jar with watercolors.  You can see I took some artistic liberties with the colors to make it more interesting.

Don’t be afraid to dig in on this challenge – sketching can be daunting for some people, but as you can see, the lines on my sketch are very simple, a little wonky, and definitely not realistic.  You may surprise yourself with what you can do!  I can’t wait to see!

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  1. Avatar

    Sketching is my least achievable art form, however, it doesn’t stop me from trying. I’m also a big fan of recycling pages from old books and magazines for my art and letters. It always pulls things together so nicely just as it has here!

  2. mary w

    Serendipity is such a happy place when it is found. LOVE your sketch, colors, and paper. What I’m looking at right now is my laptop which doesn’t seem to be a nice scene – wonder why I sit in front of it so much! LOL

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Hi Mary! I’m sure you will have some beautiful little scene to sketch. And if you can’t find one – just look in the mirror at your pretty face!

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