Guest Artist Announcement

We have been working behind the scenes with the biggest smiles on our faces. Imagine closing your eyes and thinking of your most favorite artists who have inspired you in many ways. Make a list. Now imagine emailing them and asking them to be a part of this amazing project.

And then…

Imagine them saying YES.

A gasp, a cheer and running to text the rest of the A5 artists with the words “He/She is IN!” The emoticons are flying.

Now we can share the list with you. Get ready to cheer.

In alphabetical order and with overwhelming gratitude-

Ali Edwards
Andrew Borloz
Anna Marie Wolniak
Ashley Goldberg
Blenda Tyvoll
Carla Sonheim
Connie Solera
Danny Gregory
Dawn Sokol
Dina Wakley
Dyan Reaveley
Erin Bassett
Erin Stahl
Gina Lee Kim
Heather Santos
Jane Davenport
Jane Keeling
Jeanette House
Jeanne Oliver
Jen Lee
Jen Osborne
Jenny Doh

Katie Kendrick
Kristen Peterson
Linda Woods
Lois Stoneking
Lori Vliegen
Lynn Whipple
Lynne Hoppe
Magda Bolinska
Martha Lever
Mary Freeman
Mary Beth Shaw
Melody Ross
Michelle Ward
Miranda Banks
Mystele Kirkeeng
Pam Carriker
Robin Mead
Ruth Rae
Stephanie Ackerman
Susan Tuttle
Teresa McFayden
Traci Bautista

Seriously, join us on Cloud Nine.

We can’t wait!! Starting Saturday, January 24th!


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