When Tim Holtz Sends You an Email . . .

Who here wouldn’t be surprised to have an email from Tim Holtz in their inbox?  You can imagine how shocked I was to receive an invitation from him, as Creative Director of Ranger Ink, asking if I would be interested in taking part in Ranger’s Annual CHA Designer Challenge!!!  But wait, there’s more . . . he said “Dina Wakley had selected me personally . . . ”  Whoa!  Was this some kind of joke?  After pinching myself, then freaking out for a few minutes, I composed myself and answered, “Of course Tim, I would be honored!”

And so, I was sent a lovely box of Dina Wakley Media products and told to make whatever I wanted on a 9×12 canvas panel and it would be displayed in the Ranger Booth at the Craft and Hobby Association Show in Anaheim California!  It was like Christmas–opening the box and then given the freedom to play and create with Ranger & Dina’s amazing products!  {No pressure at all-haha!}

I loved playing with the heavy body acrylics and using all of the texture elements that were sent to me: Dina Wakley White Gesso, Gel Medium, Texture Paste, Brushes, Textures Stamps & Swirls Stencil!  I had a hard time editing my piece but in the end, settled for two sweet faces stitched side by side on tags, then adhered to the canvas!

It was fun to have my friends who were attending the show send me pictures of my artwork hanging!  I especially love this one of Dyan Reaveley sent to my by Jill Orobello of Whim So Doodle in St. Petersburg!  Surely Dyan has an “I love it!” face on, right???

I was doubly blessed to have Cynthia Shaffer, an amazing photographer (among many other things) take some gorgeous photos (below) and send them to me.  I am so grateful to have professional photos of this special event and  I am deeply touched by her kindness and generosity!

So, just remember . . . if you ever get an email from Tim Holtz . . . it could be some very good news!  Thanks to Dina, Tim, and everyone at Ranger Ink for giving me this opportunity!

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  1. Mary W

    Oh WOW! I’m so happy for you. Your piece is really nice – hanging the tags upside down with blue girls – hanging that way they looked somewhat like portraits off of some ancient castle wall. Yes, that was definitely a "love it" face on Dyan! You always have a different take on things than expected making it exciting and new.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thank you Mary – you are so precious! Hope I get to see you again very soon!

  2. Sherri

    Love your beautiful girls Lorraine, you did Dina Wakley’s products proud – looks lovely and love the picture of Dyan with them – makes me smile. 🙂

  3. CraftyHope

    That’s really, really awesome! What a great opportunity. You absolutely rose to the challenge (was there every any doubt?). Your canvas is really something. . .something gorgeous!! Congrats!

  4. Avatar

    That is so special. Your work is absolutely beautiful.I just happened upon your site about an hour ago, and I am so intrigued with all the beautiful work everyone has done. I have had such a hard time getting inspired lately but I think your site has done it for me. I can’t wait to get started. There are some items I’m going to need, but once I get those hopefully there will be no stopping me. Thank you for such an awesome place to go to learn new techniques and to see how some of the new products are used. I am so happy I found you! Congratulations on having your work shown in such a special place. Tim Holtz had always been my hero. I had a store when he first started coming into the stamping and art scene. I carried every product he had in my store. I still have a lot of his products but unfortunately can’t afford them all. So now I just pick my favorites.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thank you so much Karen – I am happy you found us! This is the most inspiring community – full of encouragement and growth. Wow, I can only imagine some of the vintage Tim Holtz products you must have! Yes, he is a creative genius – I was honored to have been included!

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