Mirror, Mirror

August Theme
Faces, the Human Form & Characters
Week 35 – August 29
Art Challenge: Self Portrait
Journal Prompt:  Mirror Mirror

Well, I hope my mirror doesn’t CRACK when I look in it!  I’ve put together a little video on creating my quick self-portrait this week – Let’s get over the fear of the dreaded Self Portrait!  Hope you enjoy!

The Self Portrait from Lorraine Bell on Vimeo.

We are so fortunate to have as our Featured Artist this week – the Amazing Pam Carriker, master of the portrait!  You can see the details on her challenge HERE

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  1. Mary W

    As soon as I saw your eye, before I knew who did it, I knew that hint of twinkle and laughter was you!! You nailed that part for sure. Then scrolling down I saw the Picasso style and laughed out loud – you always make me smile. Now I’ll go back and watch your video and I’m sure I will smile again. Thanks!

  2. Rae Missigman

    Oh Lorraine – this is amazing! I loved the video so much and it really helped to see "HOW" that blind contour worked from another persons perspective. Thank you for sharing so many great tips and details with us! You are so beautiful too – just saying! xx

  3. Sandi Keene

    This is so educational and I can’t wait to watch again! Great job, Lo!!! Thank you for the video that i know is SO much work! I love the music you chose!

  4. Fran Rees

    Thank you, Lorraine. Your portrait is fantastic! and I appreciate the time you took to give the "live" lesson. Still getting up the nerve to try.

  5. Roben-Marie Smith

    Oh, Lo! This was so amazing! I loved it and enjoyed seeing you work through your process. I really like that you left it black and white and it was even beautiful halfway through. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Avatar

    That turned out great. Thanks for the video too. Enjoyed watching both the contour drawing and the realistic drawing.

  7. Avatar

    My three kids and I just watched the first part of your video. They loved it, and my 13yr old tried it himself. He was quite impressed with his seventh (approx) version. They all hooted with laughter when they watched me trying it. I will practice more! Lorraine, great video. Thanks so much for the time you spent doing the video for us and the education! Love, love your portrait!!!

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Oh Anna – that made my whole day! I am so thrilled you did it with your son! What a wonderful memory! xoxo

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