The Documented Life Project unPlanner™ Week Three

We are in FULL SWING over at Art to the 5th’s Academy site where The unPlanner™ Group is creating amazing planners in unConventional ways!

I hope you will come and join us!  Visit us HERE for all the details!  Don’t miss out on the fun this year as The Documented Life Project™ comes “unDone” with another “unDertaking” that is “unDeniably” our best year EVER!  

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  1. Mary W

    I adore baby sand dollars! Great idea to just stick a little picture in of things we really love to see – nothing else required.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thanks Mary – and that’s what I intended – I know what it means to me, but no need for any explanations!

  2. Rae Missigman

    What a great peek! I love everything about the way this looks! Most of those books are on my "amazing" list as well! xx

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