The Art of Crayons Has Hit the Bookstands!

It’s finally time to announce the launch of my book:

 The Art of Crayon!

It has been a long time in the making, but I couldn’t be happier to share that  The Art of Crayon is now available in bookstores and online in several countries.

The Art of Crayon expands on the latest crayon craze by showing you how artists have taken the humble crayon to new and greater heights!

 carving by hoang tran carving by hoang tran

From drawing to sculpting to carving to resist to mixed media and beyond, the crayon has been stretched and moulded and pushed to its astonishing limits by this incredible group of artists. Click on their name and see their amazing place in the art world:

Mary Jane Chadbourne

Diem Chau

Jane Davenport

Jane Davies

Shirley Ende-Saxe

Christian Faur

Jacqueline Fehl

Pete Goldlust

Fred Hatt

Lynne Hoppe

Aletha Kuschan

John Lovett

Elena Nosyreva

Kathleen Pequignot

Hoang Tran

Emmie van Biervliet

Larry Walker

Yevgenia Watts

Herb Williams

 illustration by jane davenport illustration by jane davenport

 Drawing by fred hatt Drawing by fred hatt

“What is it about crayons that’s so appealing? Why do they still whisper, ‘play with me,’ with a hint of waxy breath when we catch a glimpse of them in an open box?

 Sculpture by christian faur Sculpture by christian faur

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  1. Rae Missigman

    I am so proud of you Lorraine. This was a huge task and it is so intriguing to think about all that those pages hold for the reader! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and curl up to read. Sending you the biggest of congratulatory hugs!

    Love and hugs, Rae

  2. Fran Rees

    Am so excited to get my copy! Congratulations, Lorraine. You are just amazing!!

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