North Cadbury, Somerset UK

Who doesn’t want to fly off to the UK for a country wedding in the Costwolds? My daughter and I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a charming wedding of a dear friend in beautiful North Cadbury in Somerset. And since we were going all that way, we might as well spend a few days in London as well, right?!

Before I leave for any trip, the first thing I do is prep a Travel Journal! I like to make a sketch book and create a few sketches so I don’t face that blank page on my trip. I do a little research and then include a few iconic images and some facts about where I am going – maps, and such.

Our journey started with an overnight flight from Orlando with some sweet upgraded seats on British Airways thanks to me accumulating over 20 years worth of American Express points! A champagne toast, then we bedded down for a few hours sleep!

On arrival in Gatwick, we rented a car and drove the few hours to North Cadbury. The traffic was horrendous but we eventually got away from the city and began to enjoy the lovely country roads. While planning this trip, my daughter and I had a massive list of “must do” things while in the UK. Unfortunately, with only 8 days for our visit, we had to cross off some things and Stonehenge was one that didn’t make the cut.

As we were making our way through the countryside, much to our delight and surprise, we began to see signs for Stonehenge up ahead. Laughing, we said, “wouldn’t it be funny if Stonehenge was just on the side of the road and we could see it as we drove by?” Well that’s exactly where it is . . . on the side of the road! We did a drive by of Stonehenge and got one blurry picture – but technically, we did see it! These are the accidental things I LOVE about traveling! I used that blurry picture to sketch and paint a picture later on . . .

We arrived late afternoon to the wedding venue, North Cadbury Court. It was a lovely old estate, more like a castle, with 23 bedrooms, a ballroom, several dining rooms, a game room, theater, disco and a casino that resembled something you might see in a Christian Grey novel! The grounds and gardens were spectacular and we were so excited to have the entire weekend to stay and explore!

It was a fairy tale setting with a beautiful bride and happy family and friends! I always have so much fun with my daughter and I love the way the English celebrate weddings!

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