The Cotswolds, UK

We left North Cadbury just after breakfast and drove slowly through the Cotswolds admiring each little town and narrow road. Our goal that day was to find a local Pub to have our lunch! We heard that on Sundays, the neighborhood pubs serve up a “carvery” or “proper Sunday roast” for their local clientele. We passed pub after pub, town after town, until we found just the right one . . . The White Post Inn at Stratton on the Fosse!

It was the sweetest pub, immaculate and cozy. Fortunately an English friend told me that when you go into a pub, you go straight to the bar and order a pint. I was overwhelmed by choices and the owner instantly started pouring me several glasses of the different beer on tap for me to sample. He obviously recognized that we were visitors and asked if we were from America when he heard us speak. We were instantly welcomed by him and all the locals sitting at the bar! The patrons struck up conversations, all wanting to know where we were from. When they heard Orlando, Florida was our home base, of course they had all been there to Disney World! We became a bit of a novelty in the tiny pub and instantly had a dozen new friends, all asking rapid-fire questions and wanting to know about our journey.

You are also supposed to order your food at the bar and go sit down, which we eventually did. Sitting next to us were two elderly couples who said they had just had “the loveliest roast” so we were glad we ordered that!

We enjoyed our meal; a gorgeous beef with gravy complete with roasted potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli and Yorkshire pudding! As we ate, there was great conversation with the locals, including introductions with their full names, who genuinely seemed to want to get to know us. I was once again struck by the fact that we are all on this journey through life together and generally, most people are kind and friendly. I love these reminders when we have so much division and vitriol in our own country. They gave us tips on traveling through the Cotswolds and also recommendations for the rest of our trip as they bid us the fondest farewell.

It was the ‘loveliest’ day with the ‘loveliest’ roast! I am so glad we stayed off the beaten path, chose a place that ‘felt’ right to us and not something we found recommended online. Sometimes when you travel, you just have to trust your gut! Another perk to being a spontaneous and accidental tourist!

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