Tiny Sketches

Reminiscing over Italy and enjoying a new tiny sketchbook from Sugarboo & Co. Love the size and rough rag paper. Perfect for when you just have a “small” amount of time! What are you working on these days?

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  1. Kathy Andrews

    Love this little booklet… what a way to remember a trip or journey, or even just a relaxing vacation at home… or playing with the pets. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mary W

    This is exactly the kind of book I wish were tucked into my purse. or at least into my car. One of my favorite memories was taking my granddaughter to the cemetery when she was just 6 years old. We parked the car and began sketching the trees that were growing up in our 100 yo cemetery. She drew benches, flowers, trees and a deer walked by. Sounds weird but it was a fun day to be there under good times and share our love of outdoors. We sketched and talked about death and good memories and strangers that had interesting headstones. We both remember that day well and with good will. She saw my husbands grave as a place that I cared about as I pulled sand spurs from around it. She also saw that I could miss him but so enjoyed talking about old fun memories of her grandfather. I think it was a good way to show the life cycle we all face and we have little sketches tucked away of our day. I think making a little book like this for each of us, would be a good second memory as we return to the old, old cemetery again with older minds and more insight and questions and ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Lorraine Bell Author

      Mary this is a glorious comment! What a wonderful thing you did for your granddaughter, helping her view death in a different, healthy way. You taught her to honor and to love even difficult things. One day I imagine she will pass on this memory and wisdom and it will touch generations to come. What a beautiful, emotional thing!

  3. Liz

    so love these pieces of art…..what I would love to be able to do! travel, and this as my best souvenir! you are a very talented lady…..

    1. Lorraine Bell Author

      Thank you so much Liz! I think we are all just holding our breath these days just waiting to travel again and begin new adventures!

      1. Deb M.

        Beautiful little book. I love how the paintings show the landscape and buildings in such a small scale with vibrant color!

  4. Jessi

    I got a little 4×4 book and loved it. The paper brand was not listed, but it was rough and soaked up the paint perfectly. I painted a couple awful paintings in it, and then did this amazing wren that turned out perfectly. But I can’t blow it up to more than a 5×7 as it is too small and the details get blurry or awkward as they get bigger. I hate that! But I have to say I adore painting small. These lil books are fabulous and give you the opportunity to try new things, not be afraid to fail, and they act as a sort of diary/journal of your learning and changing with practice. I think your spreads are wonderful and this article gives me courage to try more color, as I love how you have so much of it on your lil pages. That is for sharing this!

    1. Lorraine Bell Author

      You are so right about painting tiny – I think it makes us better artists! We don’t have the room nor do we spend the time to make it “perfect” and fussy. I’m really glad you enjoyed the art – they are some of my favorite every!


  5. Serenity

    I love, love these tiny, beautiful works of art! You are amazing!

  6. Gretta Benson

    So sweet! Do you make your own little journals? Are they made out of watercolor paper?

      1. Irene

        Me encanta. Y parece que es hecho también a mano el librito y cosido , es una belleza

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