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A Traveler's Guide to Urban Sketching

Jeanne Oliver Creative Network

Join me over on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network for journey into the world of Urban Sketching.

I have been keeping journals of my travels for nearly two decades and have learned to capture the soul of place through my sketchbooks and journaling - something that photographs can’t quite provide. 

In this course, I will teach you the basics of Urban Sketching and how to use minimal supplies to guide you through choosing a location and composing a scene that excites you. Learn to capture the energy of a place with expressive and loose line drawings without spending excessive amounts of time on them.  I will also teach you to illustrate with colors and values using a variety of mediums that are easy to travel with like watercolors, colored pencils and more! 

This course will make you want to keep your sketchbook handy wherever you go so you won’t miss a single memory, not only in your travels but in your daily life.  

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Capturing The Moment

Kasia Avery of Everything Art

This Mini Bundle contains TWO classes in one! In the first part, Kasia Avery of Everything Art shares a lesson on how she Celebrates the Ordinary in her own unique mixed-media style. Kasia’s chunky art journals are amazing and she gives you some insight into her creative process as she walks you step by step through an entire spread in her journal. In the second part of this bundle, I share a sketching and watercolor lesson showing you how I approach Art on the Road. As a Wandering artist, I have learned to sketch “on the fly,” and I will show you how I do this, sharing the things I have learned on my own journeys.

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