Love + Loss + Art – with Danny Gregory

I spent an hour with Danny Gregory talking about our similar journeys of losing our spouse and how one continues on in the aftermath. Danny’s genuine insight and perspective provided some valuable tools – most importantly being present in your art. I hope you enjoy Episode 3 of Postcards from the Road as much as I did!




You can link of to Danny’s sites here:

Episode Notes

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  1. Linda Faber

    Thank you Lorraine, for this wonderful conversation with Danny Gregory. I’ve been a fan and student of SBS since Jan. 2016 and I do think it is the best place to gain confidence and explore art skills with artists from around the world. I was a member of Art to the 5th and I learned so much from you and that talented group as well. I’m still on my journey and loving the experience as well as my growth in so many areas. I’m happy to know that you have found a good , healing path and that you’re generously sharing your love of life and beauty again.

    1. Lorraine Bell Author

      Such a kind message Linda! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Danny is a tremendous inspiration and I know SBS has brought a lot of people out of hiding and into their sketchbooks! I so appreciate your well wishes and honestly it is people like you that give me the boost I need to keep going. You are a lovely person!

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