An Ilustrated Journey


Join me on a virtual art journey where I recreate a recent trip through the Italian countryside in my Travel Journal. We will learn all about the art of illustrating adventures as we explore various color palettes and create the perfect one for your own journey.  In this course, there are 5 1/2 hours of video lessons and include downloadable resources. Learn to sketch by breaking down complicated images into smaller bites and then use simple techniques to paint your illustrations in watercolor. I will show you how to build a lexicon of images to prepare you for ‘art on the run’ and free you from the constraints of making “perfect” art.  Using all of the techniques and tools in this course, you will be able to apply all that you learn for your own adventures. And if you aren’t planning travel any time soon, you can use all that you learn here to make sketching and painting a part of your daily practice!

IMPORTANT: This course was previously hosted on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network so if you took the course there, you will be purchasing a duplicate course.  Please be certain you have not taken this course prior to purchasing here.  Thank you!