I’m teaching in Orvieto, italy!September 19 – 25, 2021



Are you a creative person with a wandering spirit?

Join me in the Umbrian countryside along with Adventures in Italy as we see Orvieto through the eyes of an artist! There is no more beautiful place than this ancient hilltop village to explore life as an Italian and create beautiful art to document our travels. I was fortunate to attend one of Michelle Logue’s wonderful retreats here last year and am so glad to have been invited back as an Instructor! I can promise, through first hand experience, you will have the time of your life with fellow creatives making beautiful art and sampling amazing food, wine and culture.

We will stay in a 400+ year old charming convent converted into a Bed & Breakfast and still run by Catholic nuns! You will spend time both in the classroom and meandering through medieval streets where I will teach you to be an observer of life through sketches and watercolor paintings.


I have designed this workshop with both the beginner and the more accomplished artists in mind. Being a travel artist means learning to use minimal supplies and moving unencumbered as we find paintable moments at every turn.  I will teach you to build a lexicon of images to prepare for ‘art on the run’ and help free you from the constraints of making “perfect” art. By learning to capture things quickly and edit each scene, I will show you how to become proficient at composition and design. I will also help you develop sketching skills by teaching you to break down complicated images into smaller bites.

Join this intimate art journey of exploring the culture, food, people and rich history of Italy’s most famous hill town. Besides the art, Michelle Logue of Adventures in Italy curates an incredible cultural experience with wine-tasting, olive oil sampling, unique meals, and exploration of the sites of Orvieto. At the end of our travels together, you will leave Orvieto with a heart full of memories and a journal bursting with illustrated stories told through your sketches, paintings and collected Italian ephemera.

if you have an adventuring heart and a yearning to travel to new and exotic destinations and if you Are searching for a way to experience new places, cultures, food and lifestyles, then this is the perfect retreat for you! incorporate all of these wonderful experiences into an artful, creative journey!

Please click here to go to the adventures in italy site with all of the details of this incredible experience or you can email me with any questions you might have at wanderingartistretreats@gmail.com