The Corona Chronicles

Art in the time of Corona . . .

These are unprecedented times. As I sit writing this article, I am on Day 42 of “social distancing,” a new, and likely never to be forgotten phrase that defines the state of our world right now.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. It almost sounds like the beginning of a SciFi movie, but unfortunately it is real. All because a person in a food market in Wuhan China either touched or ate a bat (or a Pangolin) carrying a virus. At least that’s the theory.

The virus jumped species and people became sick and started to die. At an alarming rate, the virus spread from China all over the world and as of today, there is not much of the globe that has not been affected.

And so, we are asked to isolate, quarantine, distance and do everything counterintuitive to our human nature. But we must do it. To save the world. We need to be Superheroes!

To pass the time, but also to document this incredibly unique and bizarre situation, I decided to start a journal. I am creating sketches and noting facts, timelines, what I was thinking, feeling, learning. People online are joining in and we are becoming a community of correspondents reporting on what life is like in the time of corona.

One day, this will all be in our rear-view mirror, but for now, here is the beginning of my documenting . . . The Corona Chronicles.

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