A Painted Palate | Supply List

Supply List

I really encourage you to reach for the things you have on hand and not go out and buy every single thing on the list.  If you have watercolor paper already, fine. Use it.  Have pens and paintbrushes you like? Yes, use yours.  This is a list of everything I use in the class but please don’t rush out to buy it all.  Watch the videos first and I bet you’ll find that you have most of it lying around.  As far as watercolor palettes, I’m not listing specific colors here because its not about what I like, it’s about what YOU like!  I do try throughout the class to tell you what I am using but you can always substitute for the colors you like.  Let me know if you have any questions!

A 3-ring Recipe Book or Binder of some type – I found mine in a thrift store

I referenced a Chipboard Binder in one of the lessons and sadly, due to the global situation, the company that produced the binder is no longer in business.  Before buying a binder, you may want to watch the videos to see what works best for you, although any 3-ring binder will work.  The one I referenced in this course is 5/5″ x 8.5″ – the same size as the vintage recipe book I found in a thrift store.

Family Recipes

Recipe Box – use one you already have or one listed below

Recipe Box – paper mache OR

Recipe Box – wood or bamboo

Watercolor Paper in Sheets or Blocks

A Watercolor Sketchbook for wet medium

An inexpensive Regular Sketchbook for pencil and pen

Watercolors of your choosing – I prefer Daniel Smith most of the time

White Gauche (optional)

Watercolor brushes – I use Loew-Cornell Ultra Rounds

Watercolor brush – Series 772 3/8″ Dagger from – Rosemary & Company

Scrubber Brush (optional)

Watercolor Ground – White or Transparent

Pencil for sketching – I use these: Blackwing MatteBlackwing Palomino

Kneaded Eraser

Waterproof Artist Pens

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen with waterproof ink (optional)

Fountain or Dip Pen with Caligraphy Nib (optional)

Waterproof Ink for Dip Pen (optional)

White Posca Pen

4×6 Divider Cards for Recipe Box

Divider Tabs for Binders – Choose the right size for your binder

Page Protectors for 4×6 Cards or for your size Binder OR

Laminator (optional)

Laminating Sheets


Stencil for Making Lines

Paper Trimmer


Bone Folder (optional)

Small Spray Water Bottle

Graphite Stick (optional)

Paper Towels

Water Container

Optional for Copying Recipes:

Watercolor Copier Paper

Good Quality Color Printer

Optional for Painting Recipe Boxes:

White Gesso

Acrylic or Craft Paint

Acrylic Paintbrushes

Resources for other items used in Class (completely optional):

Heat-it Craft Tool

Robax Watercolor palette

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Worn Book Cover


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