An Illustrated Journey

In by Lorraine Bell

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An Illustrated Journey

Travels with My Sketchbook

5.5 hrs of Video Lessons | Downloadable Resources

Travel with me as I recreate a recent trip through the Italian countryside. I will guide you through gathering only the bare essentials and help you pack your artist’s bag so that you can be unencumbered and move freely on your own adventure. We will explore various color palettes and create one that is customized to you and your art journey. We will build a lexicon of images to prepare us for ‘art on the run’ and free us from the constraints of making perfect art. Learn to sketch by breaking down complicated images into smaller bites and then paint them with watercolor. We will also create our very own full page spread of what a day in Italy might look like.

Using the techniques and tools in this course, you will be able to apply what you learn to your own adventures. Not traveling any time soon? No worries - use what I teach you to make sketching and documenting a part of your everyday routine.

IMPORTANT: This course was previously hosted on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network.  Please do not sign up here If you took the class there.

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