Be Still . . .

Don’t know where this week went.  My commitment to blog at least three times per week went right out the window!  I am crushed that I couldn’t spend more time creating and tried to figure out why.  I went over the past week’s activities . . . house renovations, my son’s college tours and applications, mountains of laundry, helping my daughter get set up in her new condo, groceries, bill paying, doctor’s appointment . . . whew . . . oh yes, now I remember why I didn’t have time to paint or blog!
I thought to myself, I haven’t been “still” all week.  I can’t create in this chaos.  So I pulled out some pictures of a painting I did for a friend when she needed this reminder a few months back.
This painting brought me peace.  It reminded me to take some time to be quiet and just {BE}.  The world is crashing down around us and we really need to find time and space away from it all.  Time for ourselves, and space to sit and have a brief {RESPITE}.
I could get lost in this painting.  So today, I promise myself that I have done {ENOUGH} for the week and today I will regroup and rest.  No phone calls, no email, no errands, no chores.  Today I will just {BE STILL}.
 Mixed Media artwork created using fluid acrylics, inks, watercolors, oil pastels and 3-D elements on canvas board

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