Focus Friday {LOVE}


Friends recently introduced me to Rebecca Sower’s blog and in particular, her “Autumn Focus Board.”  You can see her post here.  We all spent time last weekend working on Focus Tags and I was so inspired by the project, I decided it would be a great reminder of the things that are truly important to me and the words and actions I need to “focus” on.  I plan to take one word each week, create a tag and a journal page, and then hang my tag in a vintage frame in my studio where it will be a constant reminder for me not to dwell on anything except what I am passionate about.

My word this week is {LOVE}

In brackets, I wrote “the fairy tale kind” under the word love.  This is to remind me not to take the word love or saying, “I love you” for granted.  I believe that love is worth seeking, love is worth nurturing, love is worth fighting for, and in the end . . . the prince really will come along, rescue the beautiful princess with a kiss, and they will live happily ever after!

Have a wonderful weekend and live your fairy tale!

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  1. patrice Longmire

    So great to see you!!! I love your blog!!! What a great Idea.. keeping up with the words for your life. You are so right LOVE… is amazing …….. and never to be taken for granted. I so admrie you and am so happy to have you as my brave sister. Sending blessings your way!

  2. Cathy Michels

    Your mixed media pieces are really beautiful! Some mixed media pieces that I see don't seem to have a direction or purpose. Yours have both beauty and meaning.

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