I’m Teaching at Whim So Doodle!

Exciting news . . . I hope you can join me on April 12th in the beautiful town of Old St. Petersburg, Florida for two fun classes at Whim So Doodle!  If you haven’t visited Whim So Doodle, this is an opportunity to see a truly unique scrapbooking/art/gift store!  It is always a fun field trip for me when I have the opportunity to visit  Jill and her lovely staff!

The first class in the morning will be my “Picture This” Instagram-style book – In this class you will create a beautiful fabric-covered booklet that can be used to house your mini photos or just a special place to #document your special moments.  I will be teaching how to use fluid acrylic paint and other mediums that can be adapted to other art projects!

In my second class, “Fabulous Folio,”  will use the new Tim Holtz Folio and transform it with paint and collage into a treasured keepsake full of ephemera, painted tags, vintage wallpaper and other collectible paper items.  You will be learning awesome painting and layering techniques as well as lessons on stitching on your artwork!

Call  (727) 827-4911 to reserve your spot!  I’m hoping to see you there!

Whim So Doodle, 237 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg FL,  33701

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  1. Renée

    Oh MY GOSH – I LOVE that store! Roben-Marie told me about it. My son just moved to Tampa and I went to visit him a little over a week ago. We went to Whim So Doodle while I was there. I hope you will teach there again so I can come take your class. I live in AZ but will definitely be visiting FL again soon!

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Hope you can come visit sometime when I am teaching! I’ll be there about 6 times per year – would love to meet in person!

  2. Avatar

    >>>> Enter pout, tears and stamping feet

    Ohhhhh I soooo want to do that folio class but I’m in the UK…. Just not fair!
    Gorgeous gorgeous (sigh)

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