Pocket Full of Sunshine!

Week 31:  Add a pocket to your page – fill it with treasure from your week

The real challenge for me this week wasn’t the pocket – it was what I put in the pocket.  My treasure this week was finally being OKAY with not doing perfect art!  Who defines perfect, anyway????    I just finished an online class by Mary Ann Moss called Sketchbookery.  She teaches you that it’s okay to make mistakes and keep going.  It’s okay for your ink or watercolor to blob.  DON’T rip the page out.  DON’T start over.  GO WITH IT!  She teaches that if you keep going, you will love the end result.  And she was right.  I love her work.  I love her personality.  And she has taught me to love my work – just the way it is.


I used my Montana Acrylic Markers and my dip pen with Liquitex Ink in Prussian Blue and created a tag for my pocket.  I love using ink and I want to practice and get much better.  Then I sewed a simple pocket using scrap wrapping paper – making a pocket “old school” scrapbooking style – folding one corner down inside.  I hinged it in my book and made a home for my tag I created – the one that freed me.  My treasure this week.  It’s not perfect, but neither am I!

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