COOL TOOLS – The Rinse Well

I freely admit it . . . I am a sucker for gadgets, especially when they are art related!  I recently added this little beauty to my studio…The Rinse Well by Masterson.  At first I was a little afraid it probably worked better in theory than in practicality, but I was wrong.  I just love it!

When I’m working with watercolors, I get frustrated when I have to constantly break my concentration to get up and get clean water (which is often!)  The Rinse Well is so easy to use –  you simply fill the bottle with water and turn it upside down into the holder at the top of the reservoir.  Water trickles into the little “pool” on top and that’s what you use to paint with and to keep your brush washed out.  When your water in the pool gets dirty, all you have to do is push a button and the dirty water drains into a reservoir below and the clean water comes out into the little pool. There are also little grooves for scrubbing and holders for your paintbrushes.

 It’s genius!  Now I can paint for hours without getting up!  And when the water bottle is empty, I just empty and clean out the reservoir and start again with a fresh bottle of water!  I’m not being paid by Masterson to endorse this product, just wanted to share it with you!  You can get one of these little babies HERE, or at specialty art stores. 

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    Oh this is just what I need, my studio space is in the basement with no running water. I have several bottles of water to use to rinse brushes, but this is PERFECT for my needs!

    Thanks for featuring it on your blog.

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