It’s a Small World

October Theme
Translucent Papers
October 3
Art Challenge: Deli Paper
Journal Prompt:  You Had Me At Hello

Ooooh, I’m going to LOVE this month’s challenges!

I had fun with this page – just color and play – no deep thinking . . . I felt like a kid creating it!

This is my stash of Deli Paper:

I use it as a palette for my paint when I’m working and inevitably there is always some juicy color left on it.  I will brayer it or turn it upside down on my underpaper to get up every last bit. Sometimes I like to create monoprints onto Deli Paper with my Gelli Plate.  Just for fun. They are too pretty to throw away and I am always incorporating them somehow into my work.

So when I saw this challenge, I knew I had no shortage of paper!  With the “hello” prompt, I though of how to say hello in many different languages and that led to the “It’s a Small World Exhibit” at Disney World and Disney Land. If you are in the .99999999% of people who have never seen it or heard about it, here’s a little clip for you — but beware!!! You may get the song stuck in your head for days!

It’s a happy little ride and I remember seeing it at the World’s Fair in New York City in the early 1960’s – before it was ever an attraction at Disneyland!

So keeping this in mind, I cut an “earth” out of my deli paper and glued it on the page with gel medium. I also wrote “hello” in different languages directly onto the deli paper with my Pitt Caligraphy Pen and created text bubbles and cut them out.

Next, I made a little “person” template and cut it out of all the different colored pieces of deli paper and adhered them all on with gel medium.  I love seeing this page coming together.  It really makes me happy.  It IS a small world, isn’t it?

Once I had it all together, I used a Stabilo pencil to outline the figures and to also write down some things I was thinking about with relation to our world and our fellow man.  It’s a busy page, but it has a lot of meaning to me – so much for being simple and NOT thinking too deeply! I just couldn’t stop – it happens!

Enjoy this week’s challenge, and we are delighted to announce that the extremely talented Lori Vliegen is our featured artist.  You can see her challenge HERE.

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  1. Mary W

    Today was a day full of contradiction! I was looking at your post and saw the video of "It’s a Small World" and it brought back awful memories of being stuck in the ride for almost 2 hours with that same song playing loudly the whole time. I disliked it so much as it creeps into my brain and "goes off" unexpectedly at weird times and I have a hard time turning it off again. BUT, Sadie was sitting with me looking at the blog posts and I decided to play it for her as I knew she would like it – what we do for grandchildren! Then I began singing and she did, and we laughed and looked at the cute scenes and now I’m over my intense dislike – it was replaced with a beautiful little memory of Sadie and me laughing together and tying to say all the "hello’s" on your page.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Oh Mary, I am so happy you were able to create a memory with your beloved Sadie! And two hours stuck on the Small World Ride – OMGEEEEE! I can.not.even.imagine~!!!!!
      Well now I am happy that it brings you fond memories instead of painful ones!

  2. Sabrina K.

    Oh, it’s wonderful! This was one of my favorite rides at Disney World…The writing really brings it all together too.

  3. Rae Missigman

    um. This was supposed to be a simple week you said we we chatted. This page is amazing and busy and colorful and HAPPY! I love everything about it! And I love that ride at Disney World! We never miss it! You are so very clever! oh- and I LOVE that you added the clip…because now I am singing that song for the millionth time LOL! xo

  4. Sandi Keene

    What a clever interpretation! I love Small World too. Will never get too old for that ride. How cool that you saw it at the World’s Fair!!

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