Secrets . . . 21 Secrets!

If you haven’t already heard, I am thrilled, honored, and oh so excited to be a guest instructor for 21 Secrets!  If you aren’t familiar with 21 Secrets, it is a community full of art encouragement and sharing. Their mission is to “make art journaling accessible and engaging to creative hearts everywhere!”  Connie Solera, along with Hali Karla of Dirty Footprints Studio does this by inviting 21 artists to share their love of art journaling, their creative process, and their willingness to teach others.  You will have 21 lessons by 21 unique artists; and right now you can sign up HERE.

My lesson this year will be to create an “Anthology Keeper,” a beautiful way to hold all of your treasured art pieces – with a special little ‘art lesson’ included!  I hope you will join us – you will receive 21 amazing lessons from the incredible artists that Connie has gathered together.  So come on, join the fun!  Classes start SOON!

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