The Gift

July Theme
Week 30 – July 25
Art Challenge: Real Life

Journal Prompt:  At this Moment

It started with a little sketch . . . it always starts with a sketch – haha!

And then I pulled out these . . .

And I colored and blended and colored and blended.  *tip – use odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump to blend pencil crayons – luscious! And of course,I had to add this quote . . . just perfect for the challenge this week!

Then I found some pretty paper in this AWESOME book (I also subscribe to their magazine!)

I cut out some SWEET little wing shapes . . .

And then my girl learned how to fly!

Yesterday’s the past,

Tomorrow’s the future,

but today is a gift.

That’s why it’s called

the present.

~ Bil Keane

I hope your week is full of gifts – and here is one right now:  Please welcome our amazing Featured Artist this Week:

Jeanne Oliver!

See her post HERE

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  1. Mary Nasser

    Oh my gosh! This is so amazing! Very inspiring with the wings and the quote and her holding the present! You should make these into prints!

    1. Lorraine Bell

      You are always too kind Mary! I look forward every Saturday to your kind comments – it’s like meeting a friend for coffee every week 🙂

  2. Rae Missigman

    She is just so happy and sweet! I love those patterned wings – you know I love a busy pattern! I have never tried blending the pencils or crayons that way – sounds cool ! Love her!

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thank you sweet Rae – I feel like you could have drawn those wings!

  3. Mary W

    This is a great quote worthy of a great page – your angel fits the bill. I wonder where that old saying came from – fits the bill. I also noticed that you sharpened your pencils with a straight blade? I’ve always heard that was the best way.

    1. Lorraine Bell

      Thanks so much Mary! And yes, a blade is the ONLY way to sharpen a pencil 🙂

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