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August Theme
Faces, the Human Form & Characters
Week 31 – August 1
Art Challenge: Expressive Faces
Journal Prompt:  What I see clearly now

I can hear the gasps from the group as you clicked on the blog and discovered this month was about faces and the human form!  OMGEEEEEEEE!  “How am I ever going to do that?” I hear you asking yourselves that questions.

My answer is . . . you ARE able to do it if you just PRACTICE!  And believe me, you are going to have a ton of creepy, weird, odd faces as you start to figure it out.  I have been drawing faces for years and years and I still get bizarre shapes and ugly chicks!  Embrace it people!  Keep practicing and find your own “style.” There is nothing wrong with creepy, weird, and odd.  In fact – I kind of like it.  Don’t strive to create a realistic portrait right off the bat – it won’t happen.  It just won’t.

But if you want to get there, like I said, you have to PRACTICE!  For me, the eyes are the most important feature in the face.  It’s the “focal” point. Other than proportion, If you can nail the eyes, you’ve got it!  I have filled so many sketchbooks full of nothing but “body parts” as I was learning to draw. . . noses, ears, lips, eyes.  Over and over and over again until it became muscle memory.

There are a lot of FREE YouTube tutorials on face drawing and many good books.  These are my 3 favorites – I’ve added links below to find them easier.  These are my go to reference books for sketching just about anything, especially faces.

So for today’s challenge, I practice what I think is the most important feature on the face . . . the eyes!  I have so many sketchbooks full of nothing but “body parts.” Over the years, I drew images over and over again until muscle memory set in and they became natural and easy to me.  Practice, practice, practice.  Like learning to write, you had to trace those letters over and over again . . . the same goes with art.  Keep trying!

And lucky for you, our featured artist this week is the fabulous Jane Davenport, who creates faces like no one else.  Her classes on portraits and the human form are fantastic, so be sure to stop by her blog and check her out.

I’ll be looking forward to all those faces this week – Don’t be afraid – YOU CAN DO THIS!

This week our featured artist is: Jane Davenport!

Jane’s take on this challenge can be found HERE.

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  1. cindy arrington

    Abso beaut and OMG! This month is going to be cap C challenge fo me…but I’ll be the little engine that could! Love your travel journal and can’t wait to see the beauties of Greece and Turkey through your eyes!

  2. Jill Adamy

    Oh boy! This is indeed a challenge! I can’t wait to get started!

  3. Mary W

    Great take on the challenge – practice makes fun and hopefully imperfect since that is more interesting. My Mom had a sketchbook filled with eyes and when I was growing up, I had fun matching the eyes with the movie star she drew them from. Your face reminds of her old scrapbook – lost somewhere in time ages ago but still vivid in memory. I used to practice eyes during calculus or history in UF. Explains the grades! LOL

  4. Rae Missigman

    wow – so many amazing eyes ! My favorite, and the one I am most impressed with, is the side view. So very awesome. You truly have this down pat! Can’t wait to see what else you do this month. xo

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