Week 12 – Cut Up a Magazine and Add it to Your Planner

I have a stash of magazine clippings in my studio . . . one box is just full of words, another box is full of architectural and artistic elements, and another box is full of images I use as inspiration when sketching.  As I flipped through my boxes of goodies, I found this fun little picture I cut out of a Women’s Day magazine.

If you think you can’t draw, or at least don’t have enough confidence to try it, painting over an existing picture is a great way to create art and also to practice!  I decided to re-create the scene in this picture.  I love the umbrella and the little dog, but when push came to shove and I had to trim the picture to fit, I had to sacrifice one of those elements.  Bye-Bye doggie!

I envisioned a school bus yellow rain jacket on this girl so I decided to work in primary colors.  Red was the obvious choice for the umbrella.  I glued the picture onto my planner page with a glue stick then began to dry brush acrylic paint over top of the magazine picture.  I deliberately used uneven strokes with a rough, scratchy brush and used a more painterly style.

After several layers of paint, some shading, sketching with a pen and some details for effect . . . a new version of the magazine picture!

I hope you enjoyed the Week 12 challenge . . . be sure to stop by the rest of the Art to the 5th Artist’s blogs for more inspiration.  I can’t wait to see what amazing things you create this week!!!

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    This is lovely Lorraine! Would you show us a face tutorial one day?
    Also, some of the links on the other Art of 5 ladies’ pages still link up to yur old page.

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    Lorraine, Thank you for all your hard work today and the thought you put into it , I so much enjoyed your class. The projects were so liberating and you are such a delightful, encouraging teacher. I look forward to your next visit to She Scrapbooks. Your page is cool, I am looking through magazines tonight! Blessings, Johnna

  3. Avatar

    AAAHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Definitely going to try this technique.

  4. Rae Missigman

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I don’t why I continue to be amazed- you ARE amazing!

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